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   Presentation on Local Plan partial update and call for sites    22 May, 2020

We are conscious that we have sent out a lot of information/emails recently and that the work we are progressing is understandably giving rise to some concerns and queries. We have been looking at the best ways to communicate planning policy issues with parish & town councils and hope that a presentation will be helpful. The presentation is intended to better explain the current Local Plan partial update consultation and the call for sites and address some of the more common queries. Please note that the presentation includes an audio commentary. Hopefully the presentation will work fine on the IT you have available, but if you experience difficulties please contact George Blanchard.


The presentation can be accessed through SecureShare (the Council’s file sharing facility). It has been saved in two formats, at least one of which should work for most IT users. Please click on either of the links below and note that the file is password protected. The password to access both formats is the same and is Planning2020!


https://secure.bathnes.gov.uk/secureshare/index.php/s/lppartialupdate_may20  (Powerpoint version)

https://secure.bathnes.gov.uk/secureshare/index.php/s/lppartialupdate_may20-mp4 (Video file for those without Powerpoint)


We are committed to continuing to involving parish & town councils in planning policy work as best we can. Therefore, as set out above we are currently reviewing the various forms/methods of communication we can use. This is particularly relevant given the current Covid-19 restrictions and also in helping to address the climate emergency e.g. by reducing the need to travel. We will be in touch soon with a short survey on communication methods which we’d be grateful for you to complete. This feedback will be vital in shaping our future communications with you. Thank you.

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